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July 2, 2013

Effective July 01, 2013 the Bahamas government has implemented new fees on aircraft landing in the Bahamas regardless if entering the country to visit or while in-transit on a refueling stop.

Aircraft that use a C7A INWARD General Declaration (Private Flights) will pay a US$ 50.00 fee on arrival
Aircraft that use a C7 INWARD General Declaration (commercial Flights) will pay a US$ 75.00 fee on arrival
Since Private Aircraft can also use a C7 as an INWARD Declaration, all PRIVATE flights SHOULD ONLY use a C7A as an INWARD General Declaration to avoid paying the higher fee. You can download the C7 and C7A forms from the Bahamas Section of the Procedures and Forms page of the Caribbean Sky Tours Member Website.

The US$ 25 Departure Tax remains in effect at its current amount of US$ 25 for crew and passengers.
Regrettably, there was little advance notice so all pilots flying to the Bahamas should take note to avoid any surprises.



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